Bali Governor Wayan Koster as the head of Covid-19 Countermeasure acceleration of Bali Province delivered some update and public advisory trough Video Conference on Wednesday (8/4) in Bali Governor official resident, Jaya Sabha, in Denpasar. 

Governor Koster who was accompanied by Secretary of Bali Provincial Government, Dewa made Indra conveyed some update measure conducted by Bali Provincial Government. 
Statement points of Governor Koster: 
1.    Information of Corona virus patient 
-    Patients under surveillance (PDP) are 215. 
-    Positive cases are 49 (7 of them are foreigners and 42 are Indonesians) there is 6 Indonesians addition. 
-    The 42 Indonesian positive cases consist of: 
•    27 Indonesian positive cases are staying in Bali, there is 1 additional case since yesterday. 
•    15 Indonesian Migrant Workers are positives, there is 5 additional cases since yesterday..
-    2 patients are foreigners. 
-    There is 19 additional positive cases (4 are foreigners and 15 are Indonesians).  
-    Hospitalized patients are 28 (1 foreigners and 27 are Indonesians). 
The positive cases of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) is increasing, most of them work in US and Italy. They are our citizens whom are accepted well as the Bali provincial Government responsibility. 
2.    The Balinese PMI/ Cruise crew are 20.000 of estimation. 
-    From 29th March to 7th April 2020, 6.174 PMI have sent home. 
-    Tonight 601 PMI return from US. 
-    Every day the PMI return from several countries. 
-    Bali Government regulation: they must be tested through rapid test. 
-    Those who are negatives may go home with note doing self-quarantine with discipline and being supervised by the task force at customary village. The villagers are advised to accept them, and join to firmly supervise. 
-    Those who are positives must be quarantined at the place that has been provided by Bali Provincial Government or carried out to referral hospital. 
3.    Bali Provincial Government has prepared the quarantine sites for these PMI and Cruise crew, with 1.012 bedroom, which is located in:    
-Community health training center of Bali Province.    
-    Human resource training center of Bali Province. 
-    Wisma Bima of Ministry of Public Work. 
-    Politeknik of land transportation of Ministry of transportation (as a backup). 
The quarantine sites are the training facility for civil servants and structural official. Ii is completed with bedroom and Air Conditioner. Bali provincial government also facilitates for free qualified foods prepared by catering. 
In the Covid-19 prevention measures, medical and security team are also assigned. 
4.    Determining Udayana University hospital as the Covid-19 center management. 
-    The operation will be started at 7th April 2020. 
-    The available room up to now for corona virus patients is 9. 
-    40 room with 65 beds are under preparation 
-    32 rooms (1 room with 1 bed) for PDP are under preparation. 
-    Medical specialist, general practitioners and nurse with special need will be assigned. 
-    The Covid-19 handling at Udayana University is funded by 2020 local budget. 
With the operation of the university, so the PDP are not treated in regency’s general hospital, it aims to control the disease spread. Meanwhile, the emergency positive cases are still under Sanglah center hospital treatment. Furthermore, it is not be a burden of regencies/city administration. 

5.    the Covid-19 countermeasure equipment is still adequate up to now. 
-    Protective health gear (APD) 
•    the head of National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) are 12.500 units
•    These are distributed for referral hospital about 12.300 units. 
•    There are 200 units remaining. 
•    Procurement for 4.000 units (not yet coming) 
-    Rapid Test Kit
•    Head of BNPD aid are 12.200 kit. 
•    There will be 5.000 kit more from head of BNPB. 
•    These have been distributed for referral hospital. 
•    6.174 of them have been used as rapid test for PMI..
•    There are 650 kit remaining. 
•    Procurement for 4.000 kit (200 of them have arrived). 
•    Waiting for third party aid (Temasek – Singapore) for 20.000 kits. These just arrived and still on process at Soekarno_hatta Airport. 
-    Mask 
•    Head of BNPB head about 37.500 mask. 
•    N95 for late Mount Agung eruption about 24.960. 
6.    For customary village head to synergy with headman to immediately functioning the mutual cooperation task force at village. Be ready to run the task physically and mentally in accordance with Gubernatorial decree and Grand Council of Customary village advice. Some may be able to do in religion perspective: 
a.    Praying with the priest in the village temple and offering in the form of daksina (one of the most important offering in Bali) until the COVID-19 is stopped for its spread or till further notice; and 
b.    Praying to the Lords in each village, praying for the outbreak to end soon for the harmony of environment, people and Bali’s culture. It may implements every day. 
7.    The community may obey the governor’s instruction number 8551 of 2020 on the Covid-19 prevention of 1st April 2020: 
a.    Strengthening the outdoor people restriction through study at home, work from home and praying at home. Those who has urgent need may be able to go outside home. 
b.    Strengthening the restriction of mass gathering and tourism destination, night entertainment, mass activity including tajen (cockfighting ritual), and canceling any event that involve many people. 
c.    Restriction the cultural and religion ceremony. It may be conducted at home with only involving 25 (twenty five) people in maximum, and implementing physical distancing and self-hygiene. 
d.    Strengthening the restriction of people who want to travel out and / enter Bali with the following conditions: 
-    Traveling out and / entering Bali is only for those who has urgent need or for the foreigners who return to their country; 
-    The restriction is not applicable for logistic and food, health care, security and officer of Central and Regional Government. 
e.    The airport and ports authority may increase the supervision and select firmly for the people crossing and / passengers based on protocol of entering. 
f.    Regents/mayor may coordinate and synergy with the local security apparatus so that the instruction is able to be implemented effectively.

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