Tuesday (5/3), as translated based on original copy
Covid-19 Countermeasure update, Tuesday on 5th March 2020
On behalf of Bali Provincial Government, the Chairman of Covid-19 Countermeasure Task Force, inform the update of Virus Disease Corona (Covid-19) countermeasure in Bali Province as follow:
I. Update case 

1.    Up to now, Patients Under Surveillance (PDP) are 199 (additional case for Indonesian 2, foreigners 9, total:11). 6 out of 9 Indonesian just arrived from overseas, 2 came from Jakarta and 1 is transmitted local. 
2.    184 out of 199 tested samples result, 141 are negatives, 43 are positives (8 locals). 6 out of 8 positive cases are imported case, means the disease was imported from outside Bali and 2 are transmitted local 
3.    Today, an Indonesian is recovered, so there are 19 patients are recovered in total. 
IV.    Policy update 

1.    Bali Provincial Government obeys the Central Governmnet policy on Covid-19 countermeasure based on Presidential Decree No. 7 of 2020 on the Covid-19 Countermeasure Acceleration Task Force and Circular Letter No 440/2622/SJ on the Covid-19 Local Countermeasure Acceleration Task Force Establishment. The Bali Covid-19 Task Force has been established with the chairman is Governor of Bali and daily executor is Secretary of Bali Provincial Government. It has been stated in the Gubernatorial Decree No 274/01-C/HK/2020 on the Covid-19 Countermeasure Acceleration Task Force for Bali Province. The member of task force also involve Regional Leader Coordinating Forum (Forkompinda) such as Bali Police Chief, Udayana Military Commander, etc. So the Task Force is able to carry out the task more comprehensively. 
2.    Bali Governor establishes the special team for handling the impact and economy recovery caused by Covid-19 that is chaired by Bali Vice Governor. It has been stated in Gubernatorial Decree No: 274/01-C/HK/2020 on the Establishment and Membership Structure of the Impact Handling and Recovery Acceleration caused by Covid-19 in Bali Province. 
3.    Supporting the central government regulation “mask for all”, all Balinese peoples are advised to wear mask while traveling outside in order to prevent the Covid-19 spread. All parties are invited to donate the mask for strengthen the Covid-19 prevention. Furthermore, Bali Provincial Government through the Industry and Trade Office has explored 50 garment industry to produce cloth mask, so community is able to find out the mask easily. The community is also advised to be more attention to their cloth mask, in every 4 hours it has to be washed with detergent. 


4.    Public Advisory 

1.    Task Force calls those are coming from cruise ship as foreign exchange heroes and for those who just arrived in Bali from overseas have to do self-quarantine at their home for 14 days in minimum based on self-quarantine protocol with discipline and full of responsibility for the community safety purpose. It is also a part of human hero effort. The task force in each village is in charge to supervise all Indonesia migrants and santri (Islamic boarding school students) whom are doing self-quarantine. Besides task force, the medical staff from puskesmas (community health center) must supervise and educate people related to the virus and its mode of transmission as well. 
2.    The task force advises Balinese people to wear mask while are outside and be more alerted because the spread of Covid-19 in national level shows increasing. Do not underestimate the disease, it needs high alertness. 
3.    All people are advised to be more calm, Central Government, Local Government, all elements both Indonesian Army, Police and institutions are working together doing the measures to prevent Covid-19 spread.

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