Covid-19 update case in Bali

The daily chairman of Covid-19 acceleration countermeasure of Bali Province and which also served as Secretary of Bali Provincial Government, Dewa made Indra reported the update case of Virus Disease Corona (Covid-19) in Bali at 23 April 2020. 

1.    Good news delivered bby Dewa Indra, since recovered patients today are increased to 8 patients (5 Indonesian Migrant Workers or PMI, and 3 transmitted local), so accumulatively recovered patients are 55 in total. There is not any death case increases, the number is as yesterday 4 cases. Secretary Dewa Indra once again explained the death PMI had congenital disease (hypertension). 
2.    The positive cases are increased by 15 patient today (12 out of 15 are imported case and 3 transmitted local), positive patients up to this day are 167 (8 foreigners and 159 Indonesians). 
3.    Based on data above, government right now is concerning about the increasing case of transmitted local. Therefore, government will always invite community to stop Covid-19 spread of transmitted local through avoid the crowd of the people and wear mask with discipline, implementing physical distancing and self-hygiene, as well as washing hand with soap in flowing water. We do implement these ways as many infected people for Covid-19 are without symptom. It was shown by many hospitalized and quarantined patients of are health and in good condition, but based on SWAB test they are positive for Covid-19. “Imagine if they are in the middle of community, it could danger other peoples,” Dewa Indra told. Once again the most effective way to stop transmitted local is implementing these ways. As long as there is undisciplined people, so the number may be increased. 
4.    Meanwhile the increasing number of imported case has gotten a good handling by government. Started from the entrance gate, both in airport and port. According to Dewa Indra the number tends to be increased, since many PMI or Indonesians who staying abroad will come. “We do handle imported case in good way. We are focusing on transmitted local right now, in order to avoid the number increased,” he explained. 
5.    Regarding transmitted local increasing, government recorded the data of patient’s history. Health office has recorded that ‘A’ is positive of transmitted local since ‘A’ has gotten contact with patient number ‘X’. These transmitted local data were search result with previous patients. It has been clearly described through table. How to avoid it? Only these simple ways, wear mask, implementing physical distancing and washing hand routinely with soap in the flowing water. The mask is our protection, both for those who are sick and in good condition. 
6.    Generally there are three assistances regulation scheme launched by Bali Provincial government. First is Covid-19 handling regulation, regulation for economy impact and regulation of social protection. These regulations were budgeted for 756 billion in total, for more detail 274,7 billion for Covid-19 handling, 220 billion for the economy impact and 261,3 billion left are for social protection. 
7.    In Covid handling, government allocated these budget for fulfill the Covid referral hospital and hospital of Udaya University needs, such as for buying health protective gear (APD) and other logistic. The budget is also allocated for task force members (APD and foods), as well as for quarantined peoples (foods, drugs and other health needs). 
8.    For economy impact handling, the budget is allocated for aid small-medium enterprises, workers who experienced the termination (PHK), people does not have any job, and for others impacted industries. 
9.    The last one in social protection scheme, government has recorded the poor and impacted community. Government has gotten the data in detail on the meeting at Jaya Sabha (official resident name of Bali Governor) So the assistance could be delivered on the right target, by name by address. The donation will be transferred to the several account number, in order to avoid any deductions. For those who don’t have account number will be facilitated to apply. 
10.    Regarding to Covid-19 patients, mother and daughter, Dewa Indra stated Bali administration has handled them in good ways. Surveillance team has picked up them, and hoping no more similar case in the future. 
11.    Regarding the preparedness of Udayana University hospital’ laboratory for SWAB test, Dewa Indra stated it is 95% ready, we are still waiting for only one tool. It may be arrived for next 1-2 days. Other tools have been installed and set. I hope at the end of next week could be operated. 
12.    In order to maximize SWAB test, government plans to coordinate with Warmadewa University laboratory. Dewa Indra has visited that lab, and some tools are ready, it has to be filled with other ones. He were optimistic, that lab could be operated for SWAB test soon.

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