Updates on Covid-19, April 22, 2020

Covid-19 update reported by the daily chairman of Covid-19 acceleration countermeasure task force, Dewa Made Indra on 22nd April 2020 Covid-19 countermeasure task force together with medical, security team and all institution have conducted the measures to stop Covid-19 spread. For example advising people to wear the mask both for those who are sick or even healthy, with the tagline “your mask protect me and vice versa”. Protecting our selves by droplets is most important thing, besides implementing self-hygiene, washing hand in the flowing water routinely and doing physical and social distancing as well. These some main points must be implemented and obeyed in order to minimize the increase of transmitted local. 
Data as of 22nd April 2020: 
1). Recovered patients are 47 (increased 5 Indonesian Migrant Workers ‘PMI’) they have been leaving hospital. 
2). Positive cases are increased to become 152 patients (2 Indonesians from 1 transmitted local and 1 imported case) 
More detail positive cases consist of 8 foreigners and 144 Indonesians, 115 out of 144 Indonesians are imported cases and 29 left are transmitted local. 
There are 101 out of positive case total are hospitalized at 11 referral hospitals organized by Bali Provincial Government. 
3). Death tolls are 4 92 foreigners and 2 Indonesians). The number was increased by 1 PMI. 
The 53 years old patient was PMI and worked in Portugal, he has positive for Covid-19 and hereditary disease hypertension. 
After coordinating with the family and hospital, then was decided to cremate the death patient at 3 pm based on Covid-19 protocol. 
4). 19,07% out of total patients are transmitted local. It needs the commitment by all parties so that the number will not increase. The measure can be avoiding the crowd, wearing mask with discipline, implementing physical distancing, washing your hands routinely with soap in flowing water and implementing self-hygiene. These efforts can be implemented since we don’t know who has the positive for Covid-19 is? 
5). The daily chairman of Covid-19 acceleration countermeasure task force Dewa Made Indra stated “To what extent we can do to stop the spread by transmitted local, is depending on to what extent we can implement self-discipline and obey the central and local government advise. By increasing the transmitted local, signs there is still undisciplined among people,” he told. 
6). Bali Provincial government and task force always doing the measure to stop the increasing of transmitted local number, since deciding the regulation must be based on fact and conditions. Furthermore, the government and task force must be considering any decision carefully, different conditions need different regulation. The consideration is concerning about large-scale social restriction (PSBB) issue. 
Some points require to be prepared to implement PSBB, such as guaranteed for food and drugs availability and the preparedness of security team for community. 
7). Up to 21st April, PMI return to Bali are 10.935. 
8). The daily chairman Dewa Made Indra also guaranteed the facilities for medical team is still sufficient. He was detailing that rapid test tool are 15.000 left, medical mask 15.000, protective health gear (APD) are 1.600 and the government is also waiting N95 mask, donated by China government which is in the process of customs administration in Jakarta. 
9). Food supply is still sufficient, since the transportation for logistic and petroleum (BBM) is still free to enter Bali. 
10). Related to presidential decree to ban Idul Fitri Mudik (exodus), Bali Provincial Government has coordinated with the Mosque authorization, Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) for Bali Province and religion office to guarantee the Moslem keeps staying in Bali during Ramadan and organize the sholat as well. It has been stated on the guidance book dated 22nd April signed by Mosque authorization, Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) for Bali Province and religion office. 
11). Bali provincial government and the task force is also mapping the Covid-19 handling, including economic recovery after corona virus pandemic, social handling network (mapping for those who need the assistance from government, like the tourism employments who experienced termination of work, small-medium enterprises, students and other elements). 
The assistance for poor family will be distributed for those who are listed at Social department. However, for those who are not in list (don’t have Bali identity card but staying in Bali), Dewa Indra urged them to report to village administration (Gotong Royong task force), for being re-listed by government.

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