Updates on Covid-19, April 15, 2020

On behalf the Bali Provincial Government, Covid-19 countermeasure task force inform the update cases of Virus Disease Corona (Covid-19) in Bali Province: 

I.    Cases Update 
1.    Positive cases are 98 (there is additional case of 6 foreigners, 2 out of 6 are imported case and 3 transmitted local, 1 is still on investigation). 
2.    23 patients are recovered (19 Indonesians and 4 foreigners, 2 addition). 
3.    Death tolls are 2 cases. 
4.    73 patients are hospitalized, they are spread in 10 hospitals and are quarantined at Bapelkesmas (there is 4 additional patients). 

II.    Regulation Update 
1.    Most of corona virus cases in Bali are dominated by imported cases, while 13 out of them are transmitted local. It is caused by many people do not obey on the regulation of Covid-19 prevention, such as wearing mask, washing hand, physical distancing, etc. Once again, to minimize the transmitted local, people has to do the Covid-19 prevention measure with discipline. 
2.    Government has strongly restrict for Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) or passengers in entrance gate to Bali. Some measure are the temperatures checked and rapid test for PMI and pasengers. For those who has positive result will be threatened with applicable SOP that provided by Bali Provincial Government. For negative ones will be picked up by Regencies/city government and they must be quarantined based on respective regulations. For those who are positives based on swap test in 8 days of quarantine, they will be under provincial government responsible treatment. 
3.    Not only for airport, in Gilimanuk port is also applied the same SOP, both rapid test and temperature checked. There is no any single positive case found for those who enter through the port. If only one single case found in the port, the passenger will be returned to the origin. 

III.    Public Advisory 
1.    To stop the corona virus spread, all people is advised to keep wearing mask with discipline. Using mask has two (2) function; for those who are sick (cough and flu), wearing the mask be able to hold droplet and avoid it contaminates other people. Wearing the mask for healthy people can help them to not being contaminated (especially in nose, mouth and eyes) from the droplet. 
2.    Wash the hand routinely in order to avoid corona virus spread with soap in the flowing water. Virus that has been stuck at the certain objects, then we touch it, will be easily washed away while using soap in the flowing water. 
3.    Don’t touch the face, especially nose, mouth and eyes after touching certain object and before washing the hand. Corona virus will easily entering our body through these 3 part of our face.
4.    Keep applying physical distancing with other people, because many of them has been infected with corona virus without any symptom.

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