Press release of the daily chairman of COVID-19 Countermeasure Acceleration Task Force Dewa Made Indra, on Saturday (11/4/2020)

The update case, there is no additional death toll beside 2 foreigners and there is no additional recovered patient number form hospital, so the number is still 19 recovered (15 Indonesians and 4 foreigners). Positive cases increases to 4 cases, so the total is 79 cases (7 foreigners, 72 Indonesians). 4 cases are imported case with overseas travel history. 

He went to describe, 51 out of 72 positive cases of Indonesians are imported cases from overseas. 13 rest of them were transmitted from other provinces outside Bali, for example, Java. 8 out of them are transmitted locally. 
The number becomes important related to risk source map. The imported case accumulatively is 71 (both foreigners and Indonesians) so far. 

That data must be the basis in determining the prevention strategy by government, such as restricting the entrance to Bali (I Gusti Ngurah Rai airport and Gilimanuk port). Benoa port has been closed, and Padang Bai port is safe so far. 

The strategy taken in order to restrict entrance to Bali is strengthening the filter for passengers in Ngurah Rai airport. We firmly checked our Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI). They are screened with a rapid test. Those who are negatives must doing self-quarantine under supervision village, regency, and city task force. We are very grateful since regency/city has initiated providing a quarantine place for these PMI. It is very helpful, because they may be not disciplined if doing self-quarantine at their home. The PMIs home also determine, some of them have more room to do self-quarantine, while the rest don’t. Local government has anticipated all through providing the place and meals as well. It will easily supervise them so we can prevent all the worst possible impact.

Meanwhile, the positive PMIs based on rapid test results will be quarantined by the government and tested with SWAB then observe through PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) method. Samples are laboratory tested at Sanglah hospital. If the results are once again positive, they will be hospitalized in Udayana University hospital, Sanglah hospital or Bali Mandara hospital. We are in Provincial Government responsible for them to avoid the spread in the community. 

Still related to PMIs, the task force has started rapid test from 22 of March 2020, since the tested tools has been available on that date. From 22nd March to 10th April 2020, there are 7.621 PMIs have been tested through rapid test. Most of them are negative so they sent home, and those who positive have been hospitalized and some have recovered. For the information, these PMI return was organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the representative of countries where they work. 

Furthermore, the task force got the clear information related to the cruise personnel, numbers, their flight and arrival time. So, our team is ready to wait for them at the airport. However, some of them returned through domestic arrival with uncertain time. The task force is also ready to wait for them at the domestic arrival terminal, in order to make sure there is no single PMI who is not tested. 

For all community is advised to wear mask with discipline. For healthy people are advised to wear a cloth-based mask, and those who are sick must wear a medical-standard mask for being more effective. Wash the hand routinely using soap, and avoid touching the face especially eyes, nose, and mouth. Stay at home with discipline, do physical distancing while required to move outside home. 

If we firmly protect the entrance of Bali, PMIs do self-quarantine and community stay at home with discipline, I certainly sure COVID-10 spread could be stopped. 

This pandemic does not only impact the health sector, but also other ones, including the economy. Therefore, the prevention strategy becomes the most important to restore the condition as before. 

I appreciated those who have donated masks, as not all community is able to buy it. My appreciation is for those who always wear the mask, as the action can prevent the virus spread. At the end we all are heroes, COVID-19 is a big problem with simple countermeasures.

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