Updates on Covid-19 in Bali


Denpasar, 28 June 2020… Bali province government, through the chairman of Covid-19 acceleration countermeasure of Bali Province and which also served as Secretary of Bali Provincial Government, Dewa Made Indra updated the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) condition in Bali.

The total cumulative positive cases is 1,414 persons, an additional 45 Indonesian citizens, all due to local transmission. 
The total number of recovered patients is 771 persons, an additional 20 people, consisting of 1 foreign citizen (local transmission), and 19 Indonesians (1 Indonesian migrant worker /IMW and 18 persons from local transmission).
The number of deaths is 13, an additional 2 Indonesians from local transmission, consisting of 11 Indonesian citizens and 2 foreign citizen. The number of positive patients in care (active case) is 630 persons in 11 hospitals and quarantines in Bapelkesmas, UPT Nyitdah and BPK Pering. 

Related to the increasing number of local transmission, the daily chairman of GTPP Covid-19 continues to remind the public to practice discipline in applying health protocols, i.e. discipline wearing masks, washing hands using running water or use hand sanitizer and social distancing.

GTPP Covid-19 Bali Province increases security in the entry ways into Bali, via land, sea and air. Satpol PP working together with Department of Transportation (Dinas Perhubungan), Department of Communications and Information (Diskominfos), TNI / Polri and Pecalang ensures that all arrivals in Bali have fulfilled the requirements set. 

GTPP Covid-19 Bali Province also continues socialization and education to traders in the traditional markets, to stop the spread of Covid-19 which recently occurs mostly in the traditional markets.

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