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Denpasar, 29 June 2020… Bali province government, through the chairman of Covid-19 acceleration countermeasure of Bali Province and which also served as Secretary of Bali Provincial Government, Dewa Made Indra updated the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) condition in Bali.

The number of recovered patients is 12 Indonesians, 2 from Indonesian migrant workers and 10 form local transmission. The total cumulative number of recovery is 783 persons.
The total cumulative positive cases is 1,444 persons, an additional 30 Indonesian citizens, 1 person from domestic traveler and 29 from local transmission. 
The number of deaths is 13, consisting of 11 Indonesian citizens and 2 foreign citizen. The number of positive patients in care (active case) is 648 persons in 12 hospitals and quarantines cross Bali’s Kabupaten and Kota. Most of the active patients are treated/quarantined in Bapelkesmas, UPT Nyitdah. Wisma Bima, Hotel Ibis, Hotel Grand Mega, and BPK Pering. 

Dewa Indra emphasizes on the circular letter Number: 270/GugasCovid19/VI/2020 dated June 18, 2020 on foreign traveler (PPLN) Screening evaluation, which contain some amendments, where all PPLN must do a swab test PCR by the Bali Province Covid-19 Task Force, except for those who already have a Healthy Declaration (Clearance) from National Covid-19 task force, stating that the PCR test was carried out with negative result.

The circular letter also mentions the PPLN is regulated through the Bali Province Covid-19 Task Force in coordinating the involvement of labor agencies in bringing home the Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) or Ship Crew (ABK), among them by providing accommodation / hotel during the waiting time for the PCR swab test result. 

According to Dewa Indra, for PPLN without agents, after the swab test at provincial level, the worker must be immediately collected by the Kabupaten/Kota and quarantined while waiting for the PCR swab test result.

While PPLN which have a Healthy Declaration (Clearance) from National Covid-19 task force, stating that the PCR test was carried out with negative result, upon arrival in Bali must be immediately collected by the Kabupaten/Kota to be handled by each Gotong Royong Desa Adat village task force respectively to do self quarantine.

For PPLN with a positive swab test PCR result will be handled by the Bali province COVID-19 task force. While PPLN who do not have a Bali ID card (KTP) but have a specific reason for living is Bali, the task force will allow the person to self quarantine, providing they have a negative swab test result and fill in the statement letter and guarantee letter.

Further, Dewa Indra explains based on the Bali Province Region Secretary Letter Number: 281/GugasCovid19/VI/2020 dated June 21, 2020 on Administration team for COVID-19 corpse, improved vigilance is needed. All of Bali’s kabupaten/kota task force should have a team to manage the body of the deceased COVID-19 persons, i.e. team for corpse preparation and team for evacuation/ burial.

The letter also mentions all Covid-19 appointed hospitals must form a Corpse preparation team. while the evacuation / burial team is formed from hospital external elements, with the main task to support evacuation to corpse preparation/processing installation, coordinate stakeholders such as victim family, security and/or burial site or crematorium, coordinate the body transport, support evacuation from morgue and at the burial site. 
The body management team must involve elements from TNI and Polri.

Previously, Dewa Indra visited the UPTD laboratory at Balai Laboratorium Kesehatan Provinsi Bali in Denpasar. This Laboratory is under preparation for handling PCR based swab testing so the public do not need to wait long for the PCR result.

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