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Denpasar, 8 July 2020… Previously the Bali province government held the Pamahayu Jagat ceremony in order to implement the protocols of new era life order in Bali, concurrently with the Purnama Kasa, on Sunday (5/7) at Besakih mother temple. Two days after, Tuesday (7/7) a meeting with Bali’s Bupati/Walikota, vice chairman DPRD and regional chiefs communication forum (Forum Komunikasi Pimpinan Daerah / Forkompinda) at Gedung Gajah, Jaya Sabha, Denpasar. All participants agreed to officially implement the protocols of new era life order starting Thursday (9/7).

To ensure the smooth implementation of protocols of new era life order, on Thursday (9/7) the governor of Bali together with Forkopimda will inspect a number of tourism destinations. Previously, the governor had issued a circular letter number 3355 of 2020 on implementation of protocols of new era life order. This was mentioned by Bali province regional secretary, Dewa Made Indra, Wednesday (8/7) afternoon in Denpasar.

"Tomorrow the governor with Forkopimda will do a field inspection on application of protocols for the new era life order. Several objects among them are Bali Safari Marine Park in Gianyar, Kertagosa in Klungkung, Mall Beachwalk and Kuta beach, Badung," says Dewa Indra.

According to Dewa Indra, the implementation of protocols of new era life order will go ahead, bearing in mind that the Covid-19 pandemic broad impact without any certainty when it will end. Therefore the government should revive the stagnant economic activity in Bali, mainly tourism. 

"I request all activities to adhere to the protocols of new era life order in a discipline manner and responsibly, such as always wearing a face mask / shield, maintain distance, avoid crowds, wash hands, and apply healthy and clean lifestyle (PHBS), and maintain body immunity,” he requests. 

Dewa Indra also requests that in doing their activity, Krama Bali always obeys direction, recommendation, and policy from the central government, TNI/Polri, provincial government, Kabupaten/Kota government, traditional village and religious councils, in order to be productive and safe from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, vice chairman of Bali province DPRD, Nyoman Sugawa Kory says that Bali province DPRD is prepared to fully support the implementation of protocols of new era life order. In his opinion, DPRD is prepared to provide funding support in the APBD Semesta Berencana Provinsi Bali budget for health sector, managing economic impact and social security net.

"We fully support to reopening of public activity gradually, both social and economy. But we will closely monitor all opened activities by implementing the Covid-19 health protocols of new era life order," he says.

Furthermore, all activities that reopen must be verified in advance if feasible. In his opinion, this is important to avoid mistakes in implementation of protocols of new era life order later on.

"I agree on gradually reopening all tourism activities, first locally, then nationally and finally internationally. The opened activities must be closely verified," says this board member from Banyuatis village, Banjar, Buleleng.

He also requests checking the opened tourism destination, if they have prepared place for washing hands, hand sanitizer, thermo gun and other health protocols and apply social distancing.

"Do not get careless, evaluate, in order to reduce risk," he says.

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