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Denpasar, 7 July 202… Bali province Covid-19 acceleration countermeasure task force (GTPP) until today has conducted 161,526 rapid tests. The rapid test is done for intensive contact tracing by GTPP Covid-19 specifically on Covid-19 spreading clusters such as traditional market, village and banjar.
These rapid tests aim to accelerate the tracing of person or community who have direct contact with a positive patient, and stop the spreading and providing medical care to the person. Independent rapid test is also done for travel purposes, Indonesian migrant workers (IMW), etc.
"We have performed 34,974 swab tests," says the daily chairman of GTPP Covid-19 Bali province, Dewa Made Indra, at his office on Tuesday (7/7) afternoon.
Based on the test on more than 195 thousand people, Dewa Indra commented, in total there were 1,940 Covid-19 positive cases, consisting of 1,920 Indonesian citizens (WNI) and 20 foreign citizens (WNA). The breakdown for Covid-19 positive WNI consists of 295 person from IMW, 1,564 persons from local transmission (LT), and 61 persons from domestic travelers.
"Today (7/7/2020 - red) there is an additional 40 WNI Covid-19 positive cases, consisting of 39 persons from LT and 1 person from domestic traveler. The cumulative total becomes 1,940 persons," says Dewa Indra.
There is an additional 60 WNI recovered as per today, consisting of 57 LT, 2 domestic traveler and 1 local traveler. In total the number of recovered patients is 1,034 orang.
The number of active cases is 881 orang. Patients in care consist of 730 person without symptoms (OTG) in quarantine at Bapelkesmas, UPT Nyitdah, Wisma Bima, Hotel Ibis, Hotel Gran Mega and BPK Pering. There are 151 patients in care at appointed hospitals or patients with symptoms, in 14 appointed hospitals in 9 Kabupaten/Kota in Bali.
"The number of deceased patients increase 2 WNI from LT. so, cumulative number of deaths is 25 persons, consisting of 23 WNI and 2 WNA," says Dewa Indra. The number of positive cases is dominated by LT, in total 1,564 persons.
Further, Dewa Indra who is the Bali province regional secretary explained that most of the deceased have long-term comorbid disease such as diabetes mellitus, heart, kidneys and hypertension.
This data, explains Dewa Indra, shows a shifting in the approach by GTPP Covid-19 Bali province, where initially is focused on ODP and PDP, by end of May 2020 they expanded the rapid test and swab test on OTG.
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