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Wantilan Kesari Warmadewa, Besakih Mother Temple,

Redite Pahing, Sinta, Purnama Kasa, 5 July 2020



Denpasar, July 5, 2020… Ancient Balinese lettrs (lontar) contains local wisdom values that is the core belief of the Balinese, that plagues are part of the natural cycle, which can happen repeatedly every 10 years, century, or even millennia (1,000 years). Literature describes three type of plague, i.e. plague happening to humans called Gering, happening to animals called Grubug, and to plants called Sasab Merana. In 1521 Saka (1599 BC) Bali experienced Leprosy plague that attacked humans. The COVID-19 plague is a type of Gering, with world-wide spread and high infectious rate, thus called the Gering Agung (COVID-19 Pandemic). The emergence of plague is a sign of natural order disharmony / unbalance at a dangerous level due to human acts failing to carry out life order based on local wisdom values: that life must unite with nature where human is nature itself, human must be in harmony with nature, life that feeds the living, urip yang menguripi. Life must honor nature, nature is like a parent, therefore life must love nature.

The COVID-19 pandemic must be viewed positively as a natural process, from a dangerous negative situation to achieve a ZERO POINT condition, as basis to achieve a new balance that will become a new era of life order holistically in the NEW ERA. The COVID-19 pandemic in Bali has widely impacted many sectors in life of health, social, and economy including tourism, which is experienced by the public since this pandemic occurred four months ago. During the pandemic, the community could not conduct their activities normally, work from home, study from home, worship from home, no gatherings and various other constraints on activity outside the house.

To manage the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the direction and policy from central government, TNI/Polri, District attorney, Bali’s provincial government together with Kabupaten/Kota administrations, traditional village council, religious council, traditional village, village/Kelurahan, and all community components move and work together, in niskala (unseen) and sakala (seen) scale to achieve the best result to control the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. This best result is marked with the controlled number of new positive cases, high level of recovery, and thanks to God, asih asung wara nugraha Ida Bhatara Bhatari Sasuhunan sami, the relative low numbers of death.

With these efforts, we have been able to manage the COVID-19, but we still do not know for sure when the pandemic will end, considering that we have not found the vaccine. Therefore we must strive to manage COVID-19, while at the same time start working again for the sake of human life. This activity will be done gradually, selective, and limited by applying the New Era Life Protocols for a Productive Soeciety and Safe from COVID-19.

The phases consist of: First Phase, implemented limited and selective activities only for the Bali community local scope, starting from July 9, 2020 which falls on a “good date” (hari baik), on Thursday Umanis Sinta. For this first phase, in line with directive from the national COVID-19 acceleration countermeasure task force, the new era life order is permitted only for the following sectors: a) health; b) government offices; c) tradition and religion; d) finance, industry, trade, logistic, transportation. Cooperative, small and medium scale enterprises (UMKM), traditional market, modern market, restaurant, and warungs; e) agriculture, plantation, marine / fishery, and husbandry; and f) service and construction. While for education and tourism sector remains closed, where education sector awaits the decree from minister of education and culture.

Second phase, conduct a wider activity including tourism sector, but limited to domestic tourists, starting on July 31, 2020 on Friday Pon, Kulantir.

Third phase, implement a wider scale of tourism activity including foreign tourists starting on September 11, 2020 on Friday, Kliwon, Sungsang, Sugihan Bali; within 42 days (abulan pitung dina) after the Second phase commencement on July 31, 2020.

Understandably these three phases are plans that are expected to work out, smooth and successful woth the permit, blessing and protection of God Almighty (Ida Bhatara Bhatari Sasuhunan sami, Leluhur, Lelangit) and holy teachers. For that, we surrender and pray to God to give the best blessing for all of us.

The Yadnya Pamahayu Jagat ceremony done today is our devotion (aled rasa bhakti and suksmaning manah) to God so the COVID-19 management in Bali can go well. Through this Yadnya Pamahayu Jagat ceremony we pray for permission, blessing, guidance and protection from God (Ida Bhatara Bhatari Sasuhunan sami) to give best blessings so the three phases can go well and successfully according to the new era life order protocols in Bali.

In order for these phases to go well, for the seen world (sakala), the Bali provincial government has issued the circular letter number 3355 of 2020 on new era life order protocol that regulates various life sectors. All Krama Bali is expected to implement activities according to the three phases by applying the new era life order protocol with order, discipline and responsibility such as: always wear mask/face shield, keep distance, not make crowds, wash hands and maintain health and clean lifestyle (PHBS) and body immunity. The governor also requests that during activities, Krama Bali always follows directive and policy from central government, TNI/Polri, provincial government, Kabupaten/Kota government, traditional village council, and religious council, to be productive and safe from COVID-19. The governor also underlines that this expectation is with God’s blessing for the unseen world (niskala), and for the seen world (sakala) must be in harmony, with collective consciousness, a common direction, and solidity of all community components. The Bali governor also appreciated all the medical staff, TNI/Polri, District Attorney, Bupati/Walikota, traditional village council, religious council, traditional village task force (Satgas Gotong Royong Desa Adat), volunteer from village /Kelurahan, press media, and all community components that have worked with dedication and continually in managing COVID-19 in Bali. The governor asks all components to move in solidity, together and working together for this Bali that we all love.

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