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2 October 2017
18:00 local Bali time
Official observation time frame today, Monday 2 October 2017 from 6 AM to 12 Noon indicates that the sky is clear and Mount Agung is visible, with low pressured white smoke of light intensity, hovers over 50 meters distance above the summit.

A total of 139'945 evacuees are now occupying 419 shelters scattered along the foot of Mount Agung and around the island. They have sufficient food, water, and medicines as many valunteers continue to serve in the shelters.

Bali Tourism Hospitality notes that today is a lazy Monday along the beach of Sanur, which is located around 72 kilometers away from Mount Agung. Many tourists are still seen enjoying their holiday. They follow the guidelines of their hotel management and tour operators representatives in Bali to avoid visiting the closed region of Mount Agung summit.

Bali Tourism Hospitality continues to give assurance and ensure the comfort of travellers visiting Bali.

Thank you.

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