Social commitment is Bali's greatest asset

Sunday, 24 September 2017
07:30 local Bali time

Bali Tourism Board expresses appreciation to each individual Balinese who has opened up their homes to welcome refugees. This social commitment proofs to be Bali's greatest asset.

Culture that is ingrained deeply within the Balinese way of life develops a commitment for social responsibility. Surfing through social media, we noticed that many locals are opening up their homes to shelter Mount Agung refugees.

Food and water are also continuously being delivered to shelters. Expatriates, tourists and locals alike, everyone show care and active contribution to mitigation efforts. Minute-to-minute updates are passed through social media regarding the needs of refugees and responses to their plea are overwhelmingly immediate and well catered to.

We have not identified any rushed departure from tourists who are already in Bali. For tourists planning to visit Bali who feel uneasy about this situation, we understand that you may wish reschedule your visit. Kindly contact your respective airlines and tour operator to discuss your needs.

We thank each and everyone for such high commitment. God bless us all.

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