Tuesday (24/3), as translated based on the original copy.


On behalf of the Government of Bali Province, the Secretary of Bali Government Province as Chairman of Covid-19 Countermeasure Task Force, Dewa Made Indra inform the updates of Tuesday (24/3) in his press conference taken place in Communication, Information and Statistics Office of Bali Province.

Updated points:

1.         Up to this day, there is no additional positive Covid-19 in Bali province. Suspects are 111 (today increase 9 people,  2 foreigners and 7 Indonesian). Until the press conference held time, the result of 111 samples sent to the laboratory has not been issued. No additional number for contacts tracing.

2.         For latest policy, Dewa Indra said the Governor of Bali has published Advise for Bali community to stay at home on Thursday, March 26, 2020 (Ngembak Geni day). As an effort to effectively prevent the spread of Covid-19 by doing restrictions to outside activities and interactions with other people, in concern that on the day, Bali Hindu communities usually pay a visit to their friends/ families and go to tourists attractions. However, Dewa Indra also underline on March 26, 2020, ports, Ngurah Rai airport and main roads for logistic will operate as usual. Ngurah Rai airport and ports will be closed only 24 hours on March 25 2020 for Nyepi day.

3.         Yesterday afternoon, the Bali Province Government has received 4000 Self Protection Equipment donations from the Central Government and promptly distributed to 11 (eleven) recommended hospitals.

4.         Besides, there are also dissinfectant distributions, 350 litres (70 galon)  and 200 boxes of face mask ( 10.000 pcs ) to the regencies/ city in Bali under the coordination of   Badan Penanggulangan Bencana Daerah Kabupaten/ kota (Regional Disaster Management Agency in Regencies/ City).

5.         Quarantine for the Indonesian Migrant Workers from Bali who are back home, up to this day are  30 people, they stay in UPTD Bapelkesmas and they are in healthy condition. The Government kindly ask the understanding, awareness and togetherness from the communites, parents and the workers in the quarantine to respect and follow the protocols disciplinely.

6.         For rapid tests, Dewa Indra inform the rapid test tools will arrive in Bali March 28, 2020. Rapid test will be prioritized for the quarantined Indonesian migrant workers, people with symptoms, medics and paramedics.

7. Dewa Indra as Chairman of Covid-19 Countermeasure Task Force in Bali Province confirmed that one of the Covid-19 positive patients is a Civil Servant of Bali Province Government who had visited Jakarta for official duty. So that Dewa Indra reminds us all to respect the instructions, increase ourselves awareness and protection too stay away from the possibilities of getting infected. Officials and staffs are forbidden to do official duties to other provinces.

8.         On Nyepi day, Covid-19 task force will work as usual in accordance with their scheduled shifts. They will monitor the cases growth and come to locations when needed.

9.         It is advised to all communities to keep calm and trust the Central Government, Regional Government (Province, Regencies/ City), Military, Police Departments and other institutions work together in an integrated actions to counter the Covid-19 spread.

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