Monday (23/3), as translated based on the original copy.



On behalf of the Government of Bali Province, Chairman of Covid-19 Countermeasure Task Force, Dewa Made Indra inform the updates Monday (23/3) in his press conference taken place in Communication, Information and Statistics Office of Bali Province.

Updated points:

  1. Up to this today Covid-19 suspects are 102, including 6 additional patients who are just reported and already taken care in the hospital  (1 foreigner and 5 locals).


  1. 79 of 102 tested samples results 73 people are negative, 6 positive or increase from the previous 3 cases (2 are died, 4 still in the hospital).


  1. The 3 new cases, 2 people are foreigners (husband and wife) and 1 is a Balinese.


  1. 2 positive Indonesian are Balinese. It means, Covid-19 is already around us. We should improve our efforts to prevent and protect ourselves from getting infected.


  1. From the latest positive cases, some contacts tracking have been done and their samples are taken, 47 contacts from the 2 foreigners (husband and wife) and 22 contacts from the Indonesian patient (total 69 people). Most are already SWAB taken, the rest are in process for SWAB samples taken.


  1. There are 23 patients waiting for the laboratory test results.


  1. The growth of contacts tracking, dated 22nd March 2020, there are 217 people and  on 23rd March 2020 there are 290 people (increased 73  people).

The Countermeasure of Covid-19 Task Force has done some efforts:

  1. It has been decided, started from today, Monday (23/3) the Indonesian Migrant Workers from countries with Covid-19 cases are in quarantines. The quarantines are located in UPTD. Public Service for Community Health under the Health Office of Bali Province management and  Human Resources Empowerment Office of Bali Province, PBSDM building (eks BPLPP building) and Wisma Bima 1.


  1. The Indonesian Migrant Workers are in quarantine process with some following steps:

-           The Indonesian Migrant Workers who are in the span time of last 14 days has visited Iran, Italy, Vatican, Spin, France, german, Switzerland, UK or other countries with Covid-19 cases must follow all protocols such as being examined by the Port Health Office and must complete the inquiries on Health Alert Card (HAC).  HAC must be valid in the arrival time

-           It is followed with interview, the questions are about other possible visited countries. Furthermore, they will be examined. When they do not pass the interview session or shows sickness symptoms, they should go into the quarantine.


-           The Indonesian Migrant Workers arrived from countries with Covid-19 cases go into the quarantine, meanwhile the others can go home by showing health certificate issued by the countries where they worked and must do self quarantine.

-           In the village level where the Indonesian Migrant Workers live, they are supervised by Village Covid-19 Centres (the Head Village, Bendesa Adat/ leader in a traditional system village, Babinsa/ Military unit to supervise village level and Babinkamtibmas/ Police Unit to supervise village level).

-           Those who are into the quarantine, taken by Trans Sarbagita bus for 14 days quarantine.


  1. The Indonesian Migrant Workers recorded in the International airport of I Gusti Ngurah Rai, on 22nd March 2020 are 521 people. After examined by the Port Health officers, 27 workers goes into the quarantine in UPT-BPKKTK building under the Health Office of Bali Province management.


  1. Not all the Indonesian Migrant Workers must go into the quarantine as they already examined with the international protocols. Besides, some of them are already being quarantined in the countries where they worked before back to Bali.


  1. The Government of Bali Province has added 7 recommended hospitals, before it were 4 hospitals (RSUP Sanglah Denpasar, RSUD Sanjiwani Gianyar, BRSU Tabanan Bali and RSUD Buleleng) and now it becomes 11 recommended hospitals RSUP Sanglah Denpasar, RSUD Sanjiwani Gianyar, BRSU Tabanan Bali, RSUD Kab. Buleleng, RSUD Wangaya, RSUD Bali Mandara Provinsi Bali, RSD Mangusada, RSU Universitas Udayana, RSU Negara, RSUD Klungkung, and RS Pratama Giri Emas.


  1. The Central and Bali Province Government has banned activities involve crowds, one of it pengarakan ogoh-ogoh/ ogoh-ogoh paraded in the celebration of Nyepi Holly Day, Caka 1942. The festival/ Ogoh-Ogoh parade will be done in the 62th Bali Province Anniversary in August 2020.


  1. We strongly ask the understanding, self-awareness and cooperation from all communities, parents, and all the Indonesian Migrant Workers to follow the quarantine process and regulation firmly. The policy follows national and international regulations. We do it for everybody needs and safety.


  1. The Indonesian Migrant Workers and their families should truly respect the policy Government of Bali Province.


  1. In order to achieve well and properly result, the Government of Bali Province ask support, cooperations, and integrated actions from the Government of Regencies/ City in Bali:


  1. the Government of Regencies/ City in Bali to do quarantine for the Indonesian Migrant Workers from Bali by educating and giving consolation, this quarantine is for everyone’s needs.
  2. the Government of Regencies/ City in Bali should do supervision to the Indonesian Migrant Workers who just back home to do self quarantine responsibly.


  1. To all communities to keep calm and trust the Central Government, Regional Government (Province, Regencies/ City), Military, Police Departments and other institutions work together in an integrated actions to counter the Covid-19 spread.


  1. Be aware as there is already infected Indonesian in Bali.


  1. Activities and events that involve crowds must be restricted and everyone’s cooperations strongly advised.


  1. Please trust and follow Government’s advise and instructions to do socail distancing, To stop further virus infection among us. The effort needs our awareness and trust as the threat is already around us.


  1. No body should ignore or meboya/ pretend to the real condition that Covid-19 does not spread in Bali.


  1. Make sure ourselves, families, friends to not go outside to do activities involve crowds and not social distancing.


Additional interview:


  1. The information becomes clearer. The 2 positive patients are imported case, one of them come from countries with Covid-19 cases and the other one from Jakarta.  Both are in Bali and done some contacts with their surrounds. The Government has done the contacts tracking.


  1. Once again, we underline here: in accordance with Covid-19 protocols that we will not reveal in detail the location of positive patients as it will trigger unnecessary reactions. What we want to convey here, 2 Indonesian patients are Balinese, we are all should be aware for the fact.


  1. The communities are already informed about social distancing, but many against the instructions. The information about the Indonesian from Bali being Covid-19 positive should make the community more aware. Do not underestimate the fact. Do not ignore Governments instructions, do not go outside unless it is very important


  1. To answer why it takes very long to do the test, that because the procedure for positive patients should be done twice for precise and accurate test result.


  1. We underline again: those in the quarantine are not beacuse they are positive. If they were positive they would be brought to the recommended hospitals. The quarantine places has been protected to avoid further interactions with the surround communities. Harus ditegaskan kembali, mereka yang dikarantina bukan berarti positif. Everyone should also understand, Covid-19 is not transmitted through the air.


  1. The Self Protection Equipments from the Central Government has arrived and distributed to the recommended hospitals and reserved stock is stored in the Health Office of Bali Province.


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