Official Statement August 7, 2018

A Speedy Joint Search & Rescue was Sent to Evacuate Tourists

From the powerful 7 magnitude earthquake that hit Indonesia tourist island, Lombok, a joint search and rescue team was sent to evacuate tourists. In rescue of 1,200 tourists, the latest recap said that more than 650 tourists have been evacuated to Bali by sea while the rest were evacuated by air since Monday morning.

Taking great ownership in this emergency humanity services are joint speedy evacuation involving Bounty Cruises, Patagonia Xpress Bali and PT. PELNI (Persero).

The sea evacuation services are extended to tourists for free of charge from The Gili islands to Benoa Harbor Bali and free of charge land transfer from Benoa Harbor Bali to hotel drop zones in the areas of Nusa Dua, Kuta and Sanur.

This joint team confirmed to continue the extraordinary rescue efforts in this holiday destination.

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