What is BTB/GIPI

Bali Tourism Board (BTB) formed by nine Tourism Associations in Bali on 1st March 2002 with its main aim to build and develop a better and sustainable tourism industry in Bali and Indonesia. Considering the importance of tourism and its reliable tourism board that could associate with government and local community, therefore based on letter of intent of the chairperson of some tourism associations number: 001/AS-Par/XII/2001 followed by approval from Governor of Bali on 10 May 2002 made the Bali Tourism Board reborn with its new paradigm – partnership between professionals, government and local community.   BTB positions itself as an organization that…...



Overview BTB understands that culture of Bali is the key of tourism in Bali. Thus, BTB along with its members and partner protect, conserve and develop tourism culture as the key of sustainable tourism in Bali with various programs that related to the enhancement of qualitative tourism products. Bali Tourism Board also provides its members with unparallel resources, essential industry news and information, practical solutions, best practices, and opportunities in key business area. Our founders are: Majelis Utama Desa Pakraman (The Highest Chamber of Bali Village) Association of the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant  (PHRI) Bali Province Association of the Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies (ASITA) Bali…...


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